About Me

Hello, my name is Robert. I'm a portrait photographer based out of Long Beach, California. I have a background in marketing, graphic design and advertising. All of this has moulded me into the photographer that I am today.

I fell in love with portrait photography years ago. I loved the way you could tell a story or capture an emotion with one frame of "film." I continue to study the art of photography, lighting, posing and color.

Outside of photography I am a boyfriend, father and colorblind artist. I love to draw, paint, and rework furniture into something new and fresh. Did I just say colorblind? Yes, I'm colorblind. You wouldn't know that by looking at my work though. I have worked for years doing graphic design, web design and other art related things that require color and I have never had a problem because I understand color theory. Please let me know if my outfit doesn't match though.

Please reach out to me by filling out the contact form. I will respond right away by phone (I can text if you prefer) or email. You can also reach me through Instagram and Facebook

I can't wait to meet you and plan your photo session.


Robert Barber