Mark Richardson is not only an up and coming actor in Los Angeles, California, he’s also a good friend of mine that I had worked with in the past. Mark asked me to do some new headshots and portraits for him to update his portfolio and website and I jumped at the opportunity. It’s not every day that you get to shoot portraits of a soon to be famous Hollywood actor.

We decided to shoot in Los Angeles where Mark knew of some interesting locations. He felt comfortable in front of the camera so we got right to work. We started with a business look. A suit and tie can make all the difference. After we got a handful of poses and locations done with the suit, we decided to have more fun and got him into a t-shirt and jeans. We walked around and found some amazing graffiti that we thought would come out great in the photos. During the walk we stumbled upon an alley where we spent most of our time. The textures and lighting were perfect.

We shot so many portraits in the alley that we didn’t notice that the sun was starting to go down behind the buildings. We were loosing light fast and still had a couple more shots we wanted to get. We found some great reclaimed wood walls and shot the remainder of our time there.

The sun started to set and we went on our way. It wasn’t the last time that we have worked together though. Stay tuned for the second session I did with Mark Richardson, the soon to be famous actor in Los Angeles.