Angie Alfar studio portraits

Angie and I met through Instagram. She asked me to do a studio photoshoot with some fitness style photos for her Instagram and some birthday photos. I booked the studio for my next open day.

I arrived at the studio early with an assistant and set up what I thought would be our first look. When Angie and her sister arrived they pulled out bags of outfits and accessories. We laid everything out and picked out what we’d be shooting in. She expressed to me some of her insecurities about wearing some of the outfits but I could tell she was a confident person and just needed some reassurance. I talked her through how the photoshoot would go, the posing process and how we could emphasize what she loves about herself. After our conversation, she was ready to go. Angie changed into her first outfit, stepped onto the set and we began.

Once the camera started clicking and the flashes were firing Angie got into a zone. She flowed easily between poses and followed direction to get the most out of her photoshoot. Between outfit changes, we would stop and take a look at a few of the photos in the camera to show her how great she was doing. I could see her confidence was rising and she was having a great time. The music was playing, she was dancing around and we were talking and enjoying the photoshoot.

Angie is not a professional model. Most of my clients are not professional models. They are just like you! Women and men that want to have some great photos of themselves that they can give as gifts or for their own Instagram feed.

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