Civil Engineer/Model Fred

Fred found me on Instagram and asked if I could shoot some headshots for him as he started his modeling career. Little did I know he was a full time Civil Engineer during the day.

We met at a local park where we could hang out and shoot some headshots and portraits. I had a great time getting to know Fred and what he did for a living. Being a civil engineer paid the bills, but after hearing from multiple people that he should be a model, he decided to give it a shot. I was the first professional photographer that Fred shot with so I wanted to make sure he had a great experience.

Fred brought several outfits and we were able to get a few shots in each of them. We played around with poses for his portraits and found some backgrounds that wouldn’t be too distracting for his headshots. The photos turned out great and he was very happy.

Hopefully we’ll be able to shoot again soon if he’s not too busy traveling the world.

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