Fun and photography with Hayley

Hayley and I met up at a photo studio in Downtown Los Angeles one night. We thought we’d shoot for a couple of hours and get some photos that we could both use. She had an article being published and they needed a new headshot, I just wanted some more content for my Instagram account.

We started off with some portraits and headshots just to get comfortable shooting with each other and build report. We instantly hit it off and I knew the night was going to be fun.

Hayley is a ball of energy and was constantly moving and trying new things with her poses. She was amazing and brought several outfits and different combinations that we could try. She was also able to do her own hair and makeup. In between looks we talked and joked and it spilled over into the photoshoot as you can see in some of the photos.

I love to capture the emotion in photos so I shoot some candids while we’re talking and joking. Usually there are a few keepers and some of my favorites from those moments.

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