Genie is a professional model from Los Angeles. She truly is a professional.

We met late in the day in downtown L.A. with a makeup, hair and fashion stylist. We picked out our first outfit and decided on where the shot should be. Genie changed outfits in a little pop up, spray tan booth while the wind started to pick up. We had to help hold the booth still while she got changed inside. When she was ready, the MUA applied the first look and we began to shoot. Genie and I clicked instantly and started to joke and have fun. She moved from pose to pose effortlessly and never ran out of ideas.

We wanted to get about 6 different looks in before the sun went down so we had to move fast. Genie would jump back into the pop up booth and swap outfits and move onto the next location. As we shot it got colder and windier but Genie kept on doing her thing. Did I mention we were in Downtown Los Angeles? There were people walking by, stoping to watch, taking pictures and talking to us. Everyone wanted to know what we were shooting for.

As the sun started to drop behind the tall downtown skyscrapers and we were loosing light, we settled on one last look. We found a sliver of sun shinning through the buildings and shot there till the sun was gone. You can see in the pictures that Genie’s hair was flying around from the wind, the photos don’t show how cold it was though. She was a trooper and we got the job done. It’s always fun working with professional models but making someone that’s not a model look like one is even more fun.

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