Gigi’s maternity photoshoot

A makeup artist found me through Instagram and asked if I could shoot her friend’s maternity photos. I happily agreed and captured some amazing moments with them.

We decided to shoot the family photos at a public park that was near all of us.

The park was crowded that day. There were families having picnics, kids playing, couples taking walks. There were people everywhere. We had to be strategic while we set up the shots to make sure it didn’t look like they were in a crowded location.

We found several areas where we could position the couple and I could take their photos and it would look like it was just them. We did have to stop several times to let people pass by, but that was a small price to pay for some great family pictures.

My lighting assistant for the day was my 8 year old daughter. She helped hold my light stands and reposition the lights. It was great having her there with me so that she could see what a family photo shoot was really like. We all had a great time together and I think the portraits came out amazing.

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