Glenn, the Life Coach, Spiritualist, Entrepreneur

I have known Glenn since high school in San Diego, California. He moved away, and I eventually landed in the same city as he. When he found out I was a headshot photographer, he asked me to take his photo so he could update his website.

We set a day and met at local park. We scouted the area together and picked a couple of places that we thought would look great. I love environmental portraits like this where we can use our surroundings and set a mood.

Glenn wanted to look friendly, approachable and also professional since he owns and operates several different businesses. We choose a few outfits that would show his different sides and got to work. We had so much fun chatting about San Diego, our old classmates and our new adventures. Headshot photography isn’t about just getting a photo, it’s about capturing the person’s personality. I feel that talking during the photoshoot helps to do this. If we shoot together, I’ll definitely bring you out of your shell and we’ll have a great time.

Check out Glenn and one of the photos we shot here: Glenn Agoncillo – Discover Your Pure Awesomeness If you need some life coaching, tell him I sent you!

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