Orange County Baby Photography

Working with babies can be tricky. It’s a good thing I have a few of my own so I know what to expect.

I always plan a baby portrait, child portrait or family portrait session around the child’s schedule. It’s best that they are well rested, fed, and happy. Even under the best circumstances things don’t always go as planned with kids. Be sure to keep your schedule open for the day, I’m willing to wait if a child is in a bad mood or needs another nap. Bring those extra snacks too.

When things do come together, you’ll have some amazing photos that you’ll cherish forever. I recommend getting prints of your babies portraits so that you can display them in your home. When a print is ordered through me, I’ll give you the digital file as well so that you can share the photos with your friends and family on social media.

Capture these moments while you can, believe me, they go by so fast!


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