In today's market, your corporate brand is your most valuable asset.

Nothing supports your visual brand more effectively than high-quality professional photography.

Visual storytelling is powerful. BN-Labs's has gone through a rebirth with new products and a new focus, but what about your visual branding and style? That's where Robert Barber Photography comes in.

When you need photos for your website, social media, print materials and trade shows, we've got you covered. Amplify your image. Tell the world who you are. Make more connections.

I look forward to discussing this proposal with you in detail.


In the consultation, we'll go through a plan for the photoshoot so I know the shots that you'll be looking for and be able to think about other shots that you'll find valuable.

I have a digital marketing background so I know that you'll always need more than you plan for and you'll need photos with different cops and layouts. 

This means you end up with a far more interesting set of photos that you'll be able to use across all of your platforms.

Your Investment


The consultation is extremely important to ensure that we are all on the same page about what we are shooting, what the finished product should look like and other logistics of the photoshoot.
$  Included


Lighting set up, model interaction, posing, shooting, lighting optimization.
$  1,500 Half Day

Online Proof Gallery

You will receive a link to an online proof gallery. From there you can make your selections and leave post processing notes.
$  Included

Post Processing / Retouching

All selected images will be retouched. Retouching includes: Lighting optimization, color adjustments, blemish removal, skin smoothing.
$  Included

Final Online Gallery

All final edited images will be available via an online gallery. You will be able to download the final images.
$  Included

Professional Photos at a reasonable rate

I guarantee that I will always be in contact with you and your team throughout the process. I feel that photography is a collaborative effort. You bring your vision to the table and I'll execute and provide my own vision as well. 

I will deliver high quality, professional photos in a timely manner. Depending on the number and extent of images I will normally have the final images back to you within a couple of weeks. I can either do one final drop or post them to your gallery as I go.

I will back up all final images so that you can get copies if you need them later. (Backups are saved for at least 1 year)

You'll be happy with the final product. If you have seen my current work, and you like it, then you'll like what I deliver to you as well.


Start Time:

End Time:

Client/Company Name:




Phone Number:

Location of photoshoot:

Photoshoot cost: $1,500

Retainer Fee: $750
The retainer fee is due on signing this agreement, with the balance of the amount agreed due the day of the shoot.

Confirmation: A signed “Contract for Event Photography Services” and payment of the retainer fee are necessary to confirm the stated event services from the Photographer.