Redline Ravens at Fit Nation Gym

BN Labs, a supplement company in Orange County, California approached me to do a gorilla style photo shoot with the Redline Raves at Fit Nation Gym. They told me that we would have about 1 hour to shoot as much as we could. I agreed and met the team at the gym to shoot.

The owner of the gym gave us permission to shoot, but the gym would be open at the time and we would have to work around the patrons. This meant that I had no control over the “house lights” or what equipment would be available, or who was in the background of my shots. I was up for the challenge though!

I met the girls of Redline Ravens who are all down to earth, funny and beautiful. We got to know each other a little before the shoot but we didn’t have much time so we got right into it. They changed into their BN Labs Sponsored gear and we set up the first shot. They wanted to do some group shots together which was difficult in the space and with the lighting available. I think we pulled it off though. They were able to pose with some of the equipment and show some muscle.

Next we moved onto some individual shots of the girls working out. BN Labs is a supplements company but we weren’t going for a fitness style shoot. They wanted more of a commercial/beauty style shoot. The girls picked a piece of equipment and did the pose that they wanted and I was there to find the best angle and lighting to get the shot. They were very pleased with their individual photos.

As we were shooting, the gym began to get crowded. The guys were all staring and some even approached the girls to say hi. We decided that we had gotten enough material and called it a wrap.

I had a great time shooting with the Redline Raven girls. They loved their photos and plan to shoot again in the future.

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